Mass – Engrossing and Gripping

Franz Katz’s film Mass is engrossing and gripping for its entire 1 hour and fifty-one minutes of viewing.  Mass is the story of two couples attempting to deal with a central event that has impacted their live in a material fashion.

The script by Katz feels like a real-life situation where the principles are trying to reach a core understanding behind an event.  However, the do so by working around the edges, so as not to create a unintended blowup or implosion to the meeting –  like so many attempting to establish clarity and resolution.

The tension, unease, and apprehension in the room could be cut with a knife.  The four main actors Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, Ann Dowd, and Reed Birney are nothing short of superb in their roles.  While Issacs and Plimpton of often play the Lead, all four are usually cast in major supporting roles in stage, film, and T.V. production.  For the script to realize its full potential, an ensemble cast of superb actors who can play off each other is required.  Mass has such a cast.

The subject driving why these people are attempting to get together is a tough one.  Unfortunately, it has become more prominent in America life and a solution to it seems to be no where close.

Mass does not attempt to deal with the issue directly or in a way that would easily alienate some group along social and political lines.  This might be a good thing.  Instead Mass focuses on the human element and the impact such an event has on them.

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