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Girls Fighting… What’s a Guy to Do?

There is nothing more dangerous than being in the middle of girls fighting. However, let me back up, and provide some background. My name is Cassin.  Cassin Male Finch. I rest my wings on Goat Creek in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) and Sawtooth Wilderness in the State of Idaho in the United States Read More…

Super Blue Moon Shines on El' Capitan © Jeffrey H. Lubeck - MESH Art LLC - all rights reserved.
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Super Blue Moon Shines on Idaho

The Super Blue Moon recently presented itself to the Dark Skies Reserve of Idaho (August 2023).  The event was nothing short of spectacular. The Super Blue Moon is a rare occurrence on earth.  A Super Blue Moon event is such when the moon is closest to earth, the moon is Full and it is the Read More…