Why Don’t We – Why Not?

The stories behind how musical groups form are often not very remarkable. Sometimes the stories are. Fans and followers love to think there is something magical or destiny is involved with their favorite group.

In the 21st century the advent of Social Media has created Influencers and Stars spawning everything from academic scandals to Boy Bands.

The vocal harmony group Why Don’t We consist of social media stars from across America. Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, Jonah Marais, and Daniel Seavey are not from the same town or school – they are from different places in the United States. Each of the members became somewhat well known given YouTube postings.

So how did they hook up?  Primarily through Social Media Tours (e.g., DigiTour).

Why Don’t We became a band in 2016. Their first single was, Taking You, followed by an Extended Play (EP) release named, Only the Beginning.  It should be noted that no full albums were products of this group until 2019.

Why Don’t We began touring at the end of 2016.  In 2017 two more EPs were produced –  Something Different and Invitation, followed by A Why Don’t We Christmas.  Early in 2018 the group focused on singles, producing – Trust Fund Baby and Hooked. The Album 8 Letters, was released in the late summer of 2018,

Why Don’t We is now touring the United States (2019).  Their most recent single is a Macklemore-assisted I Don’t Belong in This Club.  True to the history of the United States – if not the World – Mom’s of adolescent girls are travelling great distances such that their girls can see a Boy Band live in concert.  If only for a few moments – these Mom’s are the very best – ever.

Why Don’t We is a vocal harmony group – nothing more, nothing less – but a rather good one.  Their sound is rather pleasing. It is falsetto oriented with a nice balance.  What should not be discounted are the the lyrics in their songs.

Note: the song Hooked is Jeff’s personal favorite from Why Don’t We and in his current playlist.

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