Wide Open = Wide Appeal = Michael McDonald

Wide Open, Michael McDonald’s first album of original lyrics and music since since 2009 is superb.  It also feels true and genuine to the sound that is best attributed to Michael McDonald.

While the songs adhere to McDonald’s blue-eyed soul and open road nature they feel original and fresh.

McDonald includes the sounds of new players. However, he has clearly called in markers from the very best musicians. Sting, Robben Ford (Guitar), Branford Marsalis (Alto Sax), Marcus Miller (Bass), David Paich (Hammond Organ), Steve Porcaro (Synthesizer),and Tom Scott (Tenor Sax) all add influence to the sound of this album.

Jeff’s Worthless Trivia

The World is Small…

Warner Brothers Records and the Doobie Brothers hired me to photograph the group in the 1970’s.  I photographed them in concert in Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago. This sounds much better than reality.

Fast forward to 2004.  Pete Kramer Director of Operations of Sun Valley (SUN) Airport and I are on the Board of Directors of the newly created Wood River Baseball Association (I am Chairman).

For the first few meeting Peter looks at me with a questioning eye. After a few meetings, Pete declares “You are The Photographer!” I look at Pete with questioning nature. “You were the photographer for the Doobie Brothers when I was their Road Manager” says Mr. Kramer.  After working through the details Pete and I establish he is correct.

Pete and I agree that Nicollete Larson was our favorite singer during this period.

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