Everybody Knows or At Least So They Should

With Everybody Knows, Two-time Academy Award winning Writer & Director Asghar Farhadi has created another superb film. As with A Separation (2011 AA Best Foreign Film) and A Salesman (2016 AA Best Foreign Film) Farhadi can write, tell, and, present a story in film like few others.

Similar to A Separation and A Salesman, Everybody Knows delves deep into people, their family, and surrounding environment – presenting a tale that is irresistible and engrossing. Farhadi is uncanny in his ability to reveal all that is true about them – good, bad and indifferent.

Everybody Knows is a Spanish Language film that stars Hollywood heavyweight’s Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Richardo Darin (The Secret In Their Eyes, Nine Queens).

With Everybody Knows, you quickly feel something askew – but not certain as to what or why. Farhadi, and the superb cast expertly telegraph nothing, and reveal the secrets and motives bit by bit.

Hollywood deems it needs Franchise films to continue to exist. However films such as Everybody Knows by talent such as Asghar Farhadi are what drive me to the Movie Theatre and buy a ticket, popcorn, and a beverage.

Jeff’s Thought’s and Worthless Trivia

Everybody Knows Co-star Richardo Darin, is the male lead in The Secret In Their Eyes (AA Best Foreign Film 2009) and Nine Queens (2000). These two films are superb and worthy of being considered Best Film regardless of country of origin.

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