American Exceptionalism Rendered Brilliantly: Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is a documentary created by filmmaker Todd Douglas Miller that is a must see for all.

Apollo 11 captures the United States of America achieving a goal – ahead of schedule – without partisan or hyperbolic narrative.  There is no post-event analysis or commentary filled with talking points.

Apollo 11 The Documentary presents Apollo 11 The Mission from start to finish without a narrator.  Its footage is accompanied by NASA Public Address announcements (e.g., three hours and counting the is NASA Mission Control…), news reporting (e.g., Walter Cronkite) and the spoken word of the actual people themselves (e.g., Neil Armstrong).

What sets Apollo 11 apart from any other film about the event is the film footage.  NASA had the foresight to film the Apollo 11 Mission with 70MM, 65MM, and 35MM film. The film footage was restored using 21st century tools.  Most of it has never been seen before by the general public.

The resulting presentation is nothing short of breath-taking.  American life of 50 years prior is on view with today’s level of precision optics.  While the NASA spacecraft, launch pad (39A) and footsteps on the Moon are super cool to see with such clarity, what is even more interesting is seeing real people, clothes, cars etc in the same fashion.

See this film!

Jeff’s Worthless Thoughts and Trivia

Apollo 11 is about the mission and nothing else – for its entire 93 minutes.  I appreciate its singularity.

This documentary will not pivot to reference or mention the influence of German Rocket Scientists on the program, the Vietnam War being in full engagement, The Students for Democratic Society and The Black Panthers being in full force, or the Zodiac Killer receiving full attention by the media in San Francisco for context and perspective.  It also does not mention the Detroit Tigers are in the midst of defending their 1968 World Series Title or that Denny McClain has released his “At The Organ” album. These aspects would suggest that America was not in a Simpler Time.

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