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Surfing on the WestSide – Dad & Son’s Day Out

There is a Local’s Surfing Spot on Kauai called Pakala Beach.  It is located about a mile down the beach from my house.

Pakala Bay and Beach are crescent shaped. They are filled with a granular golden sand. A reef sits not too far offshore.  It is a beautiful place.  The Beach and Bay cannot be seen from the highway. They are protected by about 1/3 mile of forest and streams to the ocean.  There are no signs or notifications alerting drivers about a nearby treasure.

The only evidence of something going on, are local cars and trucks parked on the side of the highway. At one of the guardrails is a path.  The path leads through the trees to the beach.

On this day, a father and son have crossed the island from Wailua to Waimea – simply to catch some waves together.

Father & Son Surfing

Dad Turns on a Dime – Actually a Sliver of a Dime

With each run with his son, Dad follows with a separate run by himself.

Neither Dad & Son or Dad Solo will fall or be wiped out on any run for almost two hours.

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