Birds At Kawai‘ele
800mm Z Lens Kauai Nikon Z9 Photography Wildlife Z9 400MM F2.8 Lens

An Afternoon with the Birds at Kawai‘ele

I decided to spend an afternoon with the birds at Kawai‘ele on Kauai.  Kawai‘ele is a waterbird and native plant sanctuary on the western side of the island.  It is a quiet and unassuming place. A good deal of the birds at Kawai‘ele are endemic to Hawaii.  Birds such as the Hawaiian Stilt and Hawaiian Read More…

800mm Z Lens Idaho Nikon Z9 Photography Rocky Mountains Sawtooths Wildlife

Clark’s Nutcracker Comes on the Scene

Clark’s Nutcracker (Nucifrago columbiana) is a bird native to the mountains of Idaho.  It normally resides near peaks and at tree-line. However a pair of Clark’s Nutcrackers have decided to join their cousins – the Stellar Jay – at the feeders of our home in Stanley. The Clark’s Nutcracker grows to about one foot (12″) Read More…

800mm Z Lens Idaho Nikon Z9 Photography Sawtooths Wilderness Wildlife Z9 400MM F2.8 Lens

Capturing The Valley: Doves Out on a Limb

A family of doves reside at our cabin in the Sawtooth National Forest.  When on our property they spend most of their time observing the bird feeders from the limb of a Lodgepole Pine tree about 75 feet away. There appear to be six doves that hang around the house.  They do not frequent the Read More…