800mm Z Lens Kauai Nikon Z9 Photography WaimeaBeachHouse Wildlife

Hoaloha in the pā hale at WaimeaBeachHouse

A friend (Hoaloha) has been visiting our back yard (pā hale) at the WaimeaBeachHouse.

Our friend is the Mejiro.  The bird is often confused with the Hawaiian Honeycreeper.  The key difference visually can be determined by the eyes of the birds.  The Mejiro has white surrounding its eye. However, the Honeycreeper does not.

The Mejiro is native to east Asia.  It was introduced to Kauai by the Hui Manu in 1927, and on other islands in 1929.  For more information on the Mejiro look [here].

I captured these images in the late afternoon followed by a sunrise.

Mejiro in the late afternoon.
Mejiro at sunrise.
Mejiro at sunrise.

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