Kauai Nikon Z9 Photography WaimeaBeachHouse Wildlife Z9 400MM F2.8 Lens

New Ka Hale for Cardinal at WaimeaBeachHouse

A male and female Red Crested Cardinal are building a new Ka Hale (home) for their ‘Ohana (family).  This includes a new punana manu (birds nest) in a Kumu Nui (coconut palm tree).

Building the New Ka Hale

Ka Hale
Guarding the nest as it is being built.
Guarding the Nest – Closeup.
Need some more nest material

The Red Crested Cardinal is not actually a Cardinal.  It is part of the Tanager family.  The bird’s native habitat is the northern part of Brazil. It was first introduced to Kauai in 1928.  The birds mate for life and have two broods a year that include about 1-4 eggs each time.  For more on the Red Crested Cardinal look [here].

Strolling in the Front Yard

You Talkin To Me

On Friday night, me and Linda, and The Border Collies are sitting on the Lanai enjoying the breeze. So us guys, the chickens, Cattle Egret, Mourning dove, sparrow, Myna, and White Rumped Shama are minding our own business.  All of a sudden the two Red Crested Cardinal fly out of their house and down into the front yard.  Then one of them looks over to me.  It heads over to the Lanai saying something…

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