Feelings Act as Fuel – Rocketman

 The ability to create something that is commercially successful for multiple decades is on full display in the fantasy film Rocketman. At first-glance Rocketman appears to be about one person.  However, in reality Rocketman proves to be much more.

Rocketman is an enjoyable watch throughout a great portion of its 2 hour and one minute run-time. 

The film possesses a script which reveals – at times with high percolation – the life of performer Elton John as he sees and feels it.  Feelings are not something that are wrong or right.  So, if the feelings are genuine they are indisputably real.

With Rocketman, Screenwriter Lee Hill (Billy Elliot, War Horse, Victoria & Abdul) presents a narrative that while jumping around in time and is clearly fantasy like – it remains cohesive.

Different from most movie musicals, Rocketman uses its lyrics and music to tell the story of Reginald Dwight\Elton John with a deeper context and meaning.  At times the lyrics are uncanny as to how they relate to what is being presented on screen. Ironically, because some scenes feel so true, their power makes others feel like a lull in an otherwise good film.

The connection between musical partners Elton John and Bernie Taupin as played by Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell is perhaps the strongest part of the film.  The duo has survived a roller-coaster ride together.  The acting and the dialogue in Rocketman demonstrate it.

The music in Rocketman has more of a Broadway Stage or Film Score nature to it versus a replica of the studio album versions.  The performers all sing the songs as well.  This is likely a good thing as another lip-sync or poorly replicated sound effort would have hurt the film.


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