An American Beauty Moves On

Margueritte Morris passed from this earth – at least physically – on June 6th 2019. During her 89 years she could best be described as a natural beauty.  I’ll be honest, Margueritte was a head turner til the day she died.

More remarkable, Margueritte was even more stunning in her ability to embrace and gain the confidence, trust, and befriend people and animals of all walks of life.  She was uncanny in this manner.

I will give you an example.  Based on the suggestion of her oldest daughter Pamela Anne, I was invited by Margueritte to stay overnight at her home in Pocatello, Idaho while travelling on a business trip to Salt Lake City.

For context, you should understand that I had met Pamela Anne in Ketchum, Idaho only a few days earlier (December 2nd, 1982).  While Pam would become by best friend and effectively my long desired trouble-maker sister there is no way this could have been known at the time.

Low and behold, Margueritte and her husband Richard opened up their home to me without condition.  While I think that I am special, it should be made known to all that Margueritte and Richard have taken in all stray dogs that have presented themselves at the side door of their house on Kinghorn Road in Pocatello.  I showed up at their house for the first time in 1982 – at the side-door.  I am no longer a stray.

While Margueritte is no longer present in person, she lives in my heart and in those of many others.

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