A Day in the Rock Garden

It is June, and in the Wood River Valley that means the female Rocky Mountain Goats are tending to their one and two week old babies, while keeping at horns-length their yearling off-spring.

On this day Nappy Neaman, Crist Cook, and yours truly began the day at 4AM in order to climb high into the Boulder Mountains and photograph these magnificent animals in an area called The Rock Garden.

Here are some images from today’s shoot.

Hey Mom wait up for me.
Hey! Can’t you see we are busy here?
This is 100% organic Salt Lick. You should see what the poor animals in the general population or forced to lick!
What happens next is all about trust.
On Watch.

5 Replies to “A Day in the Rock Garden

  1. Thanks Tim, I appreciate it.
    These animals are remarkable and in our own back-yard no less. Of course our backyard includes 2,000 – 5,000 vertical feet of elevation change.

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