Spider-man: No Way Home Actually Finds One

Spider-man: No Way Home, the 2021 incarnation of the series, could be accused of making a false statement.  This film actually does find a way to bring its audience home to a successful conclusion. How? The mostly rewarding film utilizes a strong script and solid chemistry between its cast to make Spider-man: No Way Home a worthy watch.

My usual issue with films of this ilk is their 2.5 hour run-time is unnecessarily bloated with constant repeating of Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI) that adds nothing to the story or excitement of experiencing the GGI the first couple of times. Spider-man: No Way Home falls victim to the afore mentioned approach. SNWH easily could be 35-40 minutes shorter with no loss in quality or enjoyment to the viewer.

However, Spider-man: No Way Home does accomplish three things few in this genre obtain. First, a storyline that is somewhat complicated but expertly told.  Hats off to whoever thought to tie back to the past films and characters.  Second, an ending that does not involve five times too many false endings. Three, Leads that appear to have real chemistry.  Although both are 25 trying to play 17 year-olds thinking about attending college.

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