The Splendid and the Vile – And So It Is

Can a book of non-fiction be a page turner? Can it be written in a style that provides intrigue, romance and betrayal as good as any offered by non-fiction works?

Erik Larson’s The Splendid and the Vile is such a book.  It is about the Saga of Winston Churchill, the Churchill Family, and the defiance of the Nazi’s during the Blitz of England.

Larson’s extensive research, including the diaries of the participants, allows the story or events to be told from a variety of angles and perspectives.

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The book covers W. Averell Harriman – his thinking and exploits during this period – in great detail.  Without Harriman there is no Sun Valley, Idaho. The Sun Valley area has been part of my life and my home for almost 40 years.

Harriman, was named Ambassador to Great Britain by President Roosevelt in the middle of The Blitz. He worked closely and in great confidence with Winston Churchill.  Harriman became romantically involved with Churchill’s Daughter In-Law (Pamela) during The Blitz.  Pamela was married to Churchill’s son Randolph.  This aspect of the story has many plot lines – then and later in life. Larson does not hold back.

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