Waterman – Breaking Barriers, Records, & Hearts

The prospect for positive recognition on the world stage often propels a country to dissolve generations of racial bias in quick order.  If an Olympic Sport is involved, the change can be blindingly fast.  Unfortunately the movement is often uneven it is application. The life of Hawaiian Duke Paoa Kahanamoku is a case study on the subject.

Waterman is a superb documentary on the life of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku.  Duke is a five-time Olympian, world record holder in swimming, Ambassador of Hawaii, father of modern day surfing, and the embodiment of the Aloha Spirit.

Kahanamoku led an extraordinary life. His is one of successful trailblazing, big triumph, and world-wide popularity. His is one of being inclusive, respectful, and deferential. His is one subject to racial discrimination, and fickleness of human nature.  It includes episodes of personal disappointment for the aforementioned reasons.

Kahanamoku is an icon.

To learn more about the documentary go [here].

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