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Capturing Kauai: Big Winds Busy Yard

One thing I have learned about the Hawaiian Islands is that reading about Trade Winds and their effect, is different than experiencing them first hand.

The storms of winter-time and the 35-50 foot waves they can produce – is dramatic.  The concussive effect pounds into your chest – even standing at a great distance.

What has been more surprising, to me, are the otherwise sunny and beautiful days at the beach house where the whole day yields 15-30 mph wind gusts, a relentless string of 6-10 foots waves, and a constantly changing beachfront further impacted by tidal change.

This weekend has seen non-stop movement during the daylight hours.  Despite the high wind swirling from all directions, the birds and butterflies keep busy.

I’m in a hurry. And… do not say Nest and Egg in the same sentence ever again.
We have Three on Approach. Everyone Copy That!
Please stay seated until we are parked at the gate and the doors are open.
At landing, it is 82 degrees with winds out of all directions at 18.3 MPH.
Video Reply confirms there are 12 Chicks on the Field.

— Jeff’s Worthless Trivia & Other Thoughts —

The moth in this image appears to be a Citrus Swallowtail (Papilio Xuthus).  Ironically it is flying around a Mandarin Orange Tree in the Front Yard.  Previously, I did a Post on the Monarch Butterfly in our yard [here].

The Myna bird is one of the two (mates) who live in our yard. These songs birds are really talkative.  My guess in this bird swooped down and raced across the property picking up lumber for their nest.

The chickens appear to be breeding more that what we remember from last spring.  Linda and I think there are four different females with chicks that are patrolling the property.

For The Camera Geek

These action shots were captured using the Nikon Z9 camera with the following settings:

Lens: Nikkor Z 70-200 2.8 S @200MM

Hand Held

ISO: 2000

Shutter: 1/6400th of a second


20 Frames Per Second

45 Megapixels

14 BIT Color

3D Wildlife Auto Focus

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