What A Life – Ted Kennedy

A reasonable assumption would be that American’s know everything about the Kennedy family, or at least enough.  Therefore, a biography of Ted Kennedy’s life might be a waste of a reader’s time – given it might be a boring rehash.  The assumption would be wrong.

I was hesitant to put any time into Ted Kennedy A Life.  However Biographer John A. Farrell (Richard Nixon, Clarence Darrow, Tip O’ Neill) is a superb writer.  So I decided to give Ted Kennedy A Life.

Ted Kennedy A Life is a magnificent work.  Yes, Kennedy and his life is full of unrelenting effort to achieve success, overcome sorrow, bed any female in sight, and become educated and fully versed on (and fight for) something that is perceived to be important to the United States and its citizens.

If you want to learn the details behind Ted Kennedy the hypocrite, cheater, philanderer, political opportunist, and outright liar – you will get them. If you want to learn the details behind Ted Kennedy the Statesman, public servant, leader, terrific boss, and loyal friend you will get them.

Farrell is a straight shooter.  He has done his homework. One aspect consistent with all of Farrell works – is context.  The context Farrell provides always helps with the story being told.

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