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Capturing Kauai: Colors of Early December

On Kauai, It feels as if advent of Thanksgiving (U.S. Celebration) initiates a different weather pattern.  Slightly cooler temperatures, precipitation from storms emanating from the south, and the position of the sun have a wonderful effect on the Southern and Western side of the island.

As the calendar moves into December, It is a lovely time in the tiny old-school town of Waimea.

I decided to capture some images this week of sunrise, sunset, the beach, and flowers around and near the house.

Kauai beach a sunrise
Sunrise at the start of our walk on the beach to the Boat Harbor.
The Pōhuehue (aka Beach Morning Glory) on the beach at the house after a walk to the Boat Harbor.
Plumeria acuminata (Graveyard Yellow variation). We have a large tree in our backyard.
Violet Bougainvillea
Yellow Wallflowers and Pick and Orange Bougainvillea’s
On the cusp of Nautical End of Day.

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