Mel Brooks All About Me Is Just That

As the title suggests, Mel Brooks focus’ heavily on himself in his autobiography.  This approach is not necessarily a bad thing.  All about Me is not a tell all book.

Mel does not focus on telling dirty secrets, or revealing lurid details or weakness’ as they relate to his family, acting, or business partners.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  Brooks heaps huge and endless praise on those who helped him succeed.  It did feel a bit strange, that Mel provided very little detail on his adult life (non show business) or his first wife and children.  There are only mentioned in passing.

Instead Brooks spends a great deal of time talking about his childhood, teenage, and military years.  From this point forward each chapter is devoted to an aspect of his career – USO military, Radio, TV, Movie, and Broadway.

Mel Brooks All About Me is a great success because the stories are funny, insightful, and endearing.  What makes the autobiography sing is the narrative.  It is written as if Mel is having a conversation directly with you – the reader.

While not overtly stated, two running themes appear throughout the book. First, Mel is constantly seeking to be recognized (with re-affirmation) for his professional skill and acumen. Second, money (or lack thereof) is a big thing.

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  1. few people have had me laughing harder (& longer) than Mel Brooks over the years. late 50’s. Your Show of Shows, 2000 Year Old Man and on and on and on. probably a must read for me. One Question–What’s a book?

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