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To Cliffs Edge and Back – Ireland

A journey to the edge of the (Moher) Cliffs on the West Coast of Ireland was the target. The adventure started about 10,000 miles and 20+ hours earlier on the west coast of Kauai.

A good deal of air travel was involved. Lihue Kauai to San Diego to New York to Dublin was the route.

After landing in Dublin, we rented a car for the trip to the Cliffs.  Linda and I needed a Cup of Joe to keep us going.  We found a great local coffee shop recommended by the Enterprise Rental Car Staff. Linda and I chose to drive secondary roads (mostly) from Dublin through small villages and ruins to the Cliffs.  It had been 20+ plus years since we had visited Ireland.  The drive on the narrow roads was just as energizing as I remember.  Given we were traveling during the shoulder season, the amount of huge Tour Buses was negligible.

The travel route in Ireland.
The Moher Cliffs

Visiting the small towns, seeing the Moher Cliffs and traveling back up the Atlantic coastline to Galway was a great deal of fun. At Galway we high-tailed it back to Dublin.  Our hotel (Leonardo) was directly across the street from the Christ Church Cathedral.  The day-trip covered just short of 375 miles.  A terrific restaurant called The Bull & Castle was located one block from the hotel.  Bull & Castle was packed with patrons, but we were able to secure a table at around 9:30PM with only a 5 minute wait at the bar.

Christ Church Dublin.

After dinner it was off to bed, for a nights rest before flying from Dublin to Prague and the Czech Republic the next morning.

3 Replies to “To Cliffs Edge and Back – Ireland

  1. Linder and you are wonderful travel companions. None better! Oh, maybe Diller, Waite, Wakeley, McManus, Hensley and Wickard ahead of you.

    The difference in Ireland, while subtle, comes down your presence would have had us thrown out of the Pub, and jailed in Gort. Linder would have likely explained away the situation as a misunderstanding. If not she would have had bail money in her shoe. McManus would have had the bus ready and Jodi at the wheel.

    1. Can’t imagine driving on the roads of Ireland with a bus. Have done similar trip as the both of you, but the Southern route to Waterford. Enjoy yourselves.

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