John Wick: The Red Shoes II ?

Keanu Reeves is John Wick.

John Wick, the action thriller starring Keanu Reeves is all about choreography.  And the choreography of the action scenes is so outstanding that John Wick could challenge Michael Powell and  Emeric Pressburger’s The Red Shoes as the finest film ever made about ballet.

The back-story, I would use plot-line – however that would be generous – is about an ex-hitman who loses everything he loves in retirement and has to exact revenge.  With John Wick the plot – good, bad, or non-existent – does not matter.  It is all about the action scenes that fill up almost all of the 101 minutes of the feature.

Noted Hollywood Stunt Guru’s David Leitch (Fight Club, 300, the Bourne movies) and Chad Stahelski ( Iron Man movies, Matrix movies) team up to direct John Wick and have gone Old School.  Old School in that the action sequences do not use today’s style of speed-up and inter-cutting to supposedly enhance the action.

What you are going to get with John Wick is the finest the American Ballet Company can offer while at the same time 1o Russian Thugs go down hard. My guess is that when ole’ Vlad Putin screens John Wick he will be worried about the sequel.

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