Nightcrawler – Creepiness in a Fascinating Way

Lou Bloom the principle character played with scary brilliance by Jake Gyllenhall in Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler is a fascinating blend of sociopath, amoralist, autistic and opportunistic entrepreneur.

Lou is a quick learn, a really quick learn.  Lou misses nothing that can be successfully employed to lead to his advancement and ignores everything (to the point of complete denial) that could be considered a negative consequence of his actions.

Quiet, gaunt and the possessor of soulless black eyes Lou appears to have no family, no friends or a readily employable skillset.  However, the current situation does not stop Lou from attempting to maneuver his way into a business proposition.

During our time with Lou, we will learn (as will he) that American society ravenously eats up and pays for being the first to learn about the misery and misfortune of others through local news coverage.

Lou has found his niche; T.V. Broadcasting. He will stop at nothing in his pursuit to be the very best. For example, why does Lou drag a dying victim of a car crash to a new spot at the scene? Because Lou has just read up on lighting’s importance as it relates to video quality. Lou will see many opportunities to improve his lot in life.  Hopefully neither you or I are one of them.


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