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Capturing Kauai – Salt Pond at Dawn and Golden Hour

Salt Pond Park is an ideally sized white sand beach located west of Pūʻolo Point and the town of Hanapepe on the southern portion of the island of Kauai in the United States. A couple of large rock ridges have formed over time – creating a superb saltwater pool for beachgoers.  The beach is mostly crescent shaped.  Beach Guards are regularly on duty – mostly to protect you from yourself.

Based on tides, beachgoers can sit or stand on the rock ledges and swim (or walk) through the saltwater pool back to their spot on the beach.  Salt Pond Beach Park is one of our go to spots to sit an enjoy an hour or so of sun, people watch, and head back to the house in under 11 minutes.

On this morning I decide to visit Salt Pond Beach Park. A review of the gathering weather systems, light, and tide charts suggest I could capture a reddish dawn and then experience a post Sunrise Golden Hour with the surf starting to crash up to and over the rock ledges.  As I say often – better to be lucky than good.

Salt Pond Beach Park is popular with local families.  One local lives at the beach full-time legally, and is not homeless.  We sat next to each other for a bit of time on this morning.  I had a cup of Joe, and when finished told the Monk Seal I would catch him on the rebound, and headed home.

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Salt Pond Beach Park is also a good spot to take in Sunsets.  A few weeks ago, I stopped by and captured the image below. I captured the image standing on the ledge that will soon be underwater.

As the Name Suggests

From a Hawaiian perspective, Salt Pond Beach Park is unique in that salt for home use is created here. Salt is produced when sea water evaporates in nearby ponds. This method for creating salt at this spot is a local tradition that has been continuously performed long before contact with non Pacific Islanders.

The effort is supervised by Hui Hana Paʻakai.  it is an organization whose members are permitted by the state of Hawaii to manufacture salt on the site.  The resulting salt can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

A Prayer for a long-time friend

I say a prayer now and throughout today and future days for my long-time friend Steve Almany.  Steve is battling cancer.  Take the time to say hello and talk with your friends and loved ones as often as is possible.

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