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Capturing Kauai – Rooster on the Roost

Control of the yard – from a feral chicken perspective – seems to be established. Currently, a Red Jungle Fowl  (shown below) appears to have full control of the yard.  Three females are his companions throughout the day.

Earlier this year, three males and five females utilized the yard.

For chickens, Kauai represents a reversal of fortune.  Domestic chickens were bought to the Hawaiian islands from Polynesia hundreds of years ago. Hurricanes Iwa (1982), and Iniki (1992) effectively blew up the commercial operations and freed the birds.  With no natural predators, the domestic chickens have cross-bred with the wild Jungle Fowl of the forest.  It is estimated there are over 450,000 wild chickens on Kauai. The wild versions live to about five to seven years of age.

For more background a story in livescience is [here]


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    1. Could very well be! This Rooster and his three companion hens, begin their communication – to each other – starting about 1:30AM. The location is high up in the Plumeria tree is our backyard.

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