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Capturing Kauai – It is Good To Have Backup Plan

When I head out on a photo-shoot, I bring back up cameras.  I almost always take additional shots of the same image I am trying to capture using multiple devices. 

If I am shooting with the PHASEONE Medium Format Kit,  I bring along the Nikon Kit, or my Sony RXR1, and iPhone.  Sometimes I bring them all.

Today the strategy pays off.  I am conducting a sunrise shoot at Shipwreck Beach and early AM countryside near Koloa in Kauai. The Rodenstock 32MM lens on the PHASEONE IQ4 151 does not seem to be cooperating per normal.  The shots are being captured, but something seems slightly off.  At this juncture, it is smart to assume operator error. 

Luckily – on this day – I also capture images with the Sony RXR1 and iPhone.  The Sony is small enough to put in your coat-pocket. It is a full-frame 35MM camera with a 50 Megapixel Sensor and a 35MM Zeiss f2 Lens.  It is a remarkable piece of equipment.  Below are three shots from today using the Sony.

A Grapefruit farm near Koloa in the early AM. Kauai’s highest mountain – Mt Kawaikini 5,206 ft. – is in the background.
Sunrise at Shipwreck Beach.
The Ko’ula River Basin and Mt. Kaiwikini. If you say, gee, that looks like Jurrassic Park kinda of territory! You would be dead on correct – it is in the movie.


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