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Capturing Kauai – Cactus Bloom on Kahakai

Cactus plants thrive on Kauai. On the West Side of Kauai, the plants appear to be in full bloom.  It appears, blooming is more common in wintertime,

I find the different shades of color in the flower so fascinating.

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— Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia —

Kahakai [“kah-hah-ky-ee”] is the word for beach in Hawaiian language.

The cactus plant is located in my backyard on the fence line bordering Kahakai Road.

On this shoot I decide I would like for the cactus to be be backlit at an angle.  I find that the best time – in January – is about 2PM local.  The sun is not too high and the Plumeria and Shower trees block and filter a great deal of light.

If you look carefully, it can be established that Sage the Border Collie is on duty performing her normal Crowd Control Role.  Willow, the Border Collie must be patrolling the Front Yard.

On this shoot I capture the images with the following settings and equipment.

Settings: ISO 200 1/250th F11 Dual Exposure (manually configured).


PHASEONE IQ4 151 Digital Back

Cambo WRS 5000 Technical Camera

Rodenstock HR Diagron W 4.0 32 MM lens

GT3542 Mountaineer Series 3 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Arca Swiss C1 Cube with classic QR Tripod Head

Cambo WRS-145 Arca compatible QR tripod mount base for WRS series

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