Alice Lake Two
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Alice Lake Two – You Bet!

Was an Alice Lake Two in the offing for 2023?

Alice Lake and El’ Capitan in the Sawtooth Wilderness on a Super Blue Moon was a demanding photo-shoot. The condition in the United States’ only Dark Skies Reserve will not occur again until 2037.

So what about heading to the same spots as part of a normal day hike?

My wife Linda, suggested we retrace my steps during daylight hours and without 62 lbs. of gear on my back.  I, and our two Border Collies, took Linda up on the the proposal.

The result was a 13.8 mile out and back hike with 1,761 vertical feet of elevation gain (to 8,601 feet elevation) that includes six water crossings (.i.e., take the boots off).  Note: The Border Collies did not take their boots off on the water crossings.  However, they did follow Linda’s lead at the crossings, with some bolder hopping of their own, as the water flow was fast and deep in spots.

Alice Lake Two map.
The Alice Lake Toxaway Loop region

This out and back route was first covered by Linda and I in July of 1983.  Then as now, Linda led the way and covered the same water crossings.  I carried up the rear to monitor and record results – for legally binding purposes.

Linda and Willow of the Wood River Valley at Alice Lake. We had a wonderful lunch at Alice Lake with a perfect view of Perfect Peak and Snowyside Peak.  If you would like to see a video of the view at lunch click on the link [here].  You will see the Sawtooths from Perfect Peak to Snowyside Peak.  I am a lucky guy.  I have summited the peaks in the video multiple times including in the last one to five years.

After a lunch of oranges, cheese and Salami (and Kibble for the Broder Collies) we headed back down.

Linda, Willow of Wood River Valley, and Sage of the Wood River Valley at the Pettit Creek Falls.

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