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Girls Fighting… What’s a Guy to Do?

There is nothing more dangerous than being in the middle of girls fighting.

However, let me back up, and provide some background.

My name is Cassin.  Cassin Male Finch.

I rest my wings on Goat Creek in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) and Sawtooth Wilderness in the State of Idaho in the United States of America (U.S.A.).  I live here year-round.

I love to eat meals on my deck that looks out on Thompson Peak, Williams Peak, Merritt Peak and the Goat Creek drainage.  The Lubeck’s think the deck is theirs – but it is decidedly not.  However, that is a story for another day.

Usually when eating, I take in a few seeds and keep to myself.  The seeds at my place, while not Boujee, are most assuredly Bussin’.

On occasion, the neighbors will stop by for a bite to eat. Lately, the Stellar Jay, Grosbeak, and Wooley Woodpecker have come over for a visit.

On this day, things are different.  Two Cassin Female Finch’s decide to drop in, and before you can say YOLO, a fight breaks out. It was Salty!

I am kind of old-school.  I do not own a camera-phone.  Besides, Selfies seem so 2020.

Technically, I was not stuck in the middle, but it sure felt like it. Luckily someone nearby captured some pics.

Girls Fighting
Incoming… Keep the head down, keep the head down!
Girls Fighting
I guess she is upset?
Girls Fighting
I hope they will not come for my seed next.
Girls Fighting
Time to Exit – Stage Left!

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