Boiling Point – An Understatement for a Film’s Title

The film Boiling Point begins with a tension filled scene and never lets up for its entire 93 minute run-time.  Presented as one-long continuous scene, Stephen Graham stars as a restaurant owner on the busiest night of the year.  Graham enters his restaurant while dealing with a personal failure on his cell phone.  This is only the beginning of an endless string of challenges, and conflicts that he, his staff, and its patrons will face.

Boiling point is a hectic, and stressful thriller.  There is not a wasted moment in the film.  Its script is tight, and the delivery from its cast is superb.  The plot and subplots all feel believable and real.

— Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia —

Boiling point was filmed in four start-to-finish takes over two nights. The movie was shot twice a day, two days in a row in March of 2020.  The plan was to shoot the film in eight start-to-finish takes.  However, COVID-19 entered into the equation. The production team decided to cut the amount of shoots in half, in order to reduce the risk of infection to the team.

I have worked as a waiter in a number of settings and environments.  Boiling Point is as believable as films come.

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