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You Have Won – Is Truly A Winner

You Have Won, the One Act Play based on the Short Story of the same name by Roger C. Lubeck is as rewarding as its title suggests.  The performance of You Have Won staged by Off The Page Readers Theater is a genuine 100% Certified Winner.

You Have Won is set in the present day.  Like so many of the great comedies, the storyline resonates from the get go.  The script and the performances begin strong and never let-up.  Usually it is difficult to create and deliver a work and performance where everything and everyone (in this case) from the Dullard to the Con Artist is successful – but that is the fact here.

You Have Won pulls off something else – the ending is surprising, and uplifting in a way that feels so natural.  In short, so winning.

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Luckily, Copperfields Books staged and recorded (Apple TV & Zoom) a reading of You Have Won.  The play is 20 minutes in length and a total joy to watch. You Have Won starts about 15 minutes into the video.  Copperfields Books only requires that you register to watch (that is all, nothing else required or requested of you).

You have Won is located [here].

You Have Won places me in the same mental space as Barefoot In The Park and The Odd Couple.  These plays, similar to You Have Won, hit their mark on every front.  The setting, the situation, the people, and the dialog – real or imagined – are so identifiable and so much fun to experience.

Something that jumped out to me while watching and listening to You Have Won is the laughter and sounds from the audience. The “Oh my god” and “knowing” kind of laughs and gasps from the audience are an added bonus.

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