Parasite is One of a Kind

A film that contains comedy, drama, crime, and conventions of a thriller is a winning combination for Hollywood and its audiences.  Usually any film that attempts to provide all four of these aspects succeeds on some and less so on others.  The vast majority of the films utilizing combinations of these genres – over the past 20 years – have been produced and distributed by franchise brand driven studios.  While proving to be popular, with many even being enjoyable, all by their very nature – are serials devoid of much if any originality.

And then Parasite comes along.  Parasite is Produced, Directed, & Written by Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, Okja).  Parasite is as original and compelling in its story-line as any film I have ever witnessed.  Parasite provides top level comedy, drama, and crime – all wrapped up in a thrilling finish.

Accompanied by terrific performances by each and every Cast Member and superior cinematography, production, music, and film editing Parasite is as good a movie as can be seen in a motion picture theater today.

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