Bombshell: Hard Hitting Effort Using Nimble Footwork

Bombshell is a movie that presents the end of the reign for Rogers Ailes the creator of Fox News. But that is not what the film is about.

Bombshell is about the dilemma of harassment in the work place as it relates to a number of females who work under Ailes – including but not limited to Gretchen Carlson, and Megyn Kelly.

However, let’s backup a moment.

In 2016 the (self) important Leads of Fox News – Roger Ailes, Bill Shine, & Bill O’Reilly are safe and sound on the chessboard the is National Cable T.V.  They have occupied this position for years and in some cases decades.  By the mid 2010s they are protected from any challenge – especially if it involves sexual harassment.

Bombshell is all about what is right, wrong, and in-between in Television News in 2016.  However, it should be kept in mind that Bombshell is being presented and portrayed by Hollywood which does not have a terrific record on this front either. 

In short, Bombshell is much about beautiful T.V. people who feel forced [sic. to be sexually] compromised in order to advance their careers being portrayed by beautiful movie people.

While Bombshell is easy on the eyes, given the viewer is watching beautiful people wearing perfectly tailored outfits that highlight the best aspects of their physic – it is not the best part of the film – not even close.

Bombshell is at its best when things get serious.  Bombshell evolves into a much, much better film as human frailty is presented.


Jeff’s Worthless Trivia & Other Thoughts.

Bombshell is worth viewing if only to see the performance of John Lithgow in role of Roger Ailes. In my eyes, it is an Academy Award winning performance.  I am not surprised with the Hollywood establishment nominating Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.  However, both are playing a version of their movie-selves we have seen in many other films.  Lithgow deserves better.

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