Me & [Likely] You Are Leading America To Ruin – Politics is for Power Not Consumption

Partway through the book Politics is for Power Not Consumption, Author and Political Science Professor Eitan Hersh brought home his point that I and other college educated voters are ruining American politics and therefore America.

Why?  According to Hersh; me and, (if accompanying under the bus) you are political hobbyists.  The implication? According to Hersh, political hobbyism is to public affairs what watching SportsCenter is to playing football.

Da-da-dunt, da-da-dunt!

Whoah! I thought I was a good patriotic American,  However, if Hersh is correct, in the game of Evaluating My Standing in America he just threw the winning Touchdown Pass via a Post Route with no time left on the clock for the opposition. There also looks to be no flags on the field of play.  Really?  Was not the Offensive Guard\Speaker of the House holding on the play? Surely the Tight End\Senate Majority Leader set an illegal pick?

Before I begin any rebuttal accompanied by total indignation, let me offer the following:

  1. Hersh knows history.
  2. Hersh knows politics.
  3. Hersh knows sports.

Gosh, I respect any guy, or girl, that can carry those kinds of credentials – even if they are trashing me and my ways in the court of public opinion. As I progressed through each section and chapter, my favorability ranking in American society appeared to be at risk of falling below that of U.S. Congress and any Cable Network News Channel that nowadays provides an opposing political bent 365/24/7.

At 288 pages (about 230 not counting notations) Politics is for Power Not Consumption is a one or two sitting read for us political hobbyists. In it, Hersh identifies and articulates the problem, and offers a hypothesis to solve the issue at-hand.  During the reading journey, Hersh provides facts, and supporting context.

I highly recommend Politics is for Power Not Consumption regardless of political affiliation or persuasion. However be forewarned – if you take none of Hersh’s advice, you are nothing more than a political hobbyist and must own it.

If you read the book, tell me what you think?  In the meantime I am trying to decide if taking action is included in my next steps.

2 Replies to “Me & [Likely] You Are Leading America To Ruin – Politics is for Power Not Consumption

  1. Is that all Hersh is saying – don’t just sit in your armchair swearing at the TV, get out there and… what? demonstrate? join Extinction Rebellion? campaign for a new more radical political leadership that is prepared to break from 40 years of supremely destructive neoliberalism?
    Yes, great. Just do it instead of sitting in the armchair reading Hersh! We are trying over here, against the combined onslaught of Trump-Johnson, the billionaire-owned media, and the Israel lobby. And failing right now. La luta continua.

  2. This administration is rigorously training the populace to dismiss obvious wrongdoing and far too many have become apt pupils.

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