Little Women Version 8 – It is The Best.

How many times can or should a story be filmed or refilmed for theatrical release on Broadcast T.V. or in Theatres?

Little Women based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott has eight versions created for Television or Theatrical film Release.

The versions: 1918,1933,1949, 1978, 1994, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

I read the novel in High School and fell in love with the story. My favorites in terms of visual story-telling were the 1933 and 1994 incarnations – with 1994 winning by a nose.

That was until I viewed the 2019 release. If the horse-racing metaphor is continued, the 2019 version wins by a 1/4 length.  So why?

Writer Director Greta Gerwig and Actress Saoirse Ronan are at the top of my I Will Go See Anything They Are Involved With List.  If Gerwig Players Group Members Tracy Letts and Timothée Chalamet are in the film – its result can only be improved.  If the Actor who can play any role as good as can be performed – Meryl Streep – happens to be included – you need to see the film – do not ask questions. If Chris Cooper is also on screen – just go to your nearest local theatre.

Little Women 2019 has as all the elements described above involved.  The strengths of Little Women 2019 far out-weigh its weaknesses.

The weakness of Little Women 2019 is in its portrayal of the happy and silly times.  The scenes seem forced and somewhat disingenuous.  In short, the Actors feel as if they are acting – not themselves.

The strength of Little Women 2019 is in its portrayal of the normal-day, challenging, stressful and desperate times.  These scenes seem genuine and real. Another strength is the Story-telling is non-linear.  This approach gives context if it works.  If not the viewer is lost.  It works in this film.

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