R.I.P. Buck Henry

One of the wonderful aspects of life is that the work of someone’s career can last and be enjoyed long after their passing.

Henry Zuckerman also known as Buck Henry passed away the other day.  Henry was a wonderful performer, writer, and film director.  Henry started as a comedic actor first – most often playing dry-by the book-mousey types.  He was brilliant in these roles.  Buck was the host of Saturday Night Live 10 times in its early years. Henry, however was a brilliant screenwriter.

In the space of three years Buck Henry would create the screen plays\stories for The Graduate, Get Smart, and Catch 22.

Henry Directed and Co-Starred (as The Escort) in Heaven Can Wait one of my very favorite films.  Heaven Can Wait won 5 Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (Male and Female) and Best Art Direction.  It was nominated for 4 others (Director, Screenplay, Cinematography and Music).  Heaven Can Wait was a terrific collaborative effort between Henry and Warren Beatty.  In it Henry (as the Escort) delivers to Warren Beatty (Leo J. Farnsworth) one of my very favorite lines in film:

Mr Farnsworth do the words “not being a good sport” mean anything to you?

R.I.P. Buck Henry

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