Brutal, Demanding, and Brilliant – Sound of Metal

For the faint of heart and weak of constitution, the film Sound of Metal is not your film.  For those that love film, can sit through the discomfort life presents – to eventually witness remarkable light, and absolution – the film Sound of Metal will stick with you for some time.

Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, and Paul Raci provide performances that would otherwise lead viewers to believe these people and their story have been pulled from real-life.  While the performance from each is utterly convincing – each are simply top-notch actors operating in character with a superlative script and staging.  Oh, brother!

All aspects of this film are executed to a high degree of quality.  However, what Sound of Metal delivers that few films have accomplished in recent years – is what is not said, but delivered with facial expression and bodily mannerism.

Be patient, have faith in yourself to see this film through to its remarkable end.

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