Compelling Story yields a Compelling Movie? – The Mauritanian

Does a compelling storyline whos basis is true, filled with top notch actors and director guarantee a great film.  In the case of the film The Mauritanian, I say not.

The Mauritanian tells the story of a man – from his perspective – who is arrested as a terrorism suspect, held, tortured, and not charged for 14 years.

The Mauritanian stars Tahar Rahim, Jody Foster, Shailene Woodley, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Mauritanian is presented in the style of a traditional procedural drama.  It is earnest in its effort to get to and present the truth.  It is crafted in Director Kevin MacDonald’s previously successful documentarylike style.

However, different from the greats of the genre – 12 Angry Men, A Few Good Men, Bridge of Spies, Erin Brockovich, Philadelphia – The Mauritanian lacks in displaying human emotion and all the greatness and messiness that comes with it.  Somehow, The Mauritanian – despite all its assets – misses the mark.

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