A White Knuckle Ride Again – A Quiet Place Part 2

Movie Sequels traditionally produce a slight let down (or full disappointment) for the audience that embraced the original.

However, for fans of A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place Part 2 is a thrilling, powerful, Edge of your Seat, White Knuckle Ride of a film.

As with all Horror, Sci-fi, Thrillers, A Quiet Place Part 2 is a big screen film (the bigger the better).

Writer\Director\Actor John Krasinski has created something that leverages off of the foundation of the original and employs new aspects in storyline, presentation, characters, and pace.  A Quiet Place Part 2 is much more of a traditional Horror Sci-fi film – but that is not a bad thing.

What a great way to get out of the doldrums from COVID19!


Jeff’s Worthless Trivia and Other Thoughts

Kransinski employees a rather brilliant technique in A Quiet Place Part 2.  The film starts with showing what happened just prior to the starting point of A Quiet Place for a few minutes, then cuts to a scene at the End of A Quiet Place for a few moments, then starts the new storyline.  It is my guess this was conceived for continuity purposes, but also to assist with mitigating a potential jarring visual of seeing two main characters that are young people having aged two years when supposedly no time has elapsed.

I just love the irony that two foreign born actors with heavy accents in real life Emily Blunt (England) and Cillian Murphy (Ireland) can perform in lead roles as people of normal US born and raised characters.

Scooter McNairy (Argo, Gone Girl, 12 Years A Slave) as Marina Man has a small but pivotal role in A Quiet Place Part 2. His makeup and costuming is so effective, I originally missed it was him in the film.

So what are your favorite sequels to an original film you thought was a great one as well?  Here are some of mine that immediately come to mind

Godfather Part II (The Godfather)

Silence of the Lambs (Mahunter)

Aliens (Alien)

Terminator 2 – Judgement Day (Terminator)

Red (last in the series of three great films: Red, White, Blue)

Toy Story 2 (Toy Story)

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (The Man With No Name)

Before Sunset (Before Sunrise)

The Color of Money (The Hustler)

Of course I am not forgetting the James Bond, Star Wars, Indian Jones, Batman films.  Many of the later films are as good or better than the orginal.

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  1. I was the baby-sitter for our five year-old grandson (has it really been 5 years?) as all of the Wakeley ladies went to the
    movies (are we really going to the movies again!!??!!) to celebrate our grandaughter’s 14th birthday last weekend. They loved
    it. (Has it really been 14 years?)
    Don’t blink.
    Things happen fast.

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