Nobody is Somebody and Something

Can you put your past completely in the rearview mirror of life?  That is a hard ask of anyone.  For Hutch Mansell the lead character in the film Nobody, we get to live out the answer to the question in 92 minutes.  The presentation of Nobody feels like the fastest 92 minutes of viewing in Hollywood history.  Nobody is exhilarating, exciting, and full of superb comedic relief.

Mansell – played to near perfection by Bob Odenkirk – appears to be a guy that has nothing of material excitement currently, in his future, let alone his past. At the inception of Nobody, we learn Hutch is entombed in a relentless cycle of Monday through Sunday experiences with little to no variation.  We learn that Hutch is a drone.  We learn that Hutch works in the business owned by his wife’s family.  We learn that Hutch stops short – on every front – of being a man’s man.  All is in plain site and delivered to the screen with great timing and deftness.

A home invasion at the Mansell’s by some petty criminals attempting to steal minor property and cash provides Hutch another chance to demonstrate strength and conviction. This time it involves protecting loved ones.  Hutch has the chance to do it.  To our sudden surprise, it appears Hutch knows what and how to do the job before him.  Hutch chooses to defer.  The humiliation for Hutch is huge.  His son now has first hand evidence demonstrating Hutch is a wimp.  Luckily Hutch’s daughter loves him without condition.  However, she is crushed because her Kitty-Kat Bracelet has been stolen.

As only film can accomplish, the emotional dam is breached in breath taking fashion (especially if viewed on the big screen in a movie theater). Hutch turns to being Hutch of the Past.  Hutch is now the Auditor.  As is so terrific about films such as Nobody, the viewer knows this change was coming and the filmmakers want the viewer knowing it was coming without spoiling the experience. Success!

For the remaining 80+ minutes, Nobody turns on its head.  Nobody works on most (but not all) levels to perfection, including knowing not to go completely over-the-top and become a tongue in cheek parody. And, oh, Nobody teases the viewer by coming so so close to parody – but stops with perfection.


Jeff’s Thought’s and Worthless Trivia

Nobody was Written By Derek Kolstad the author of the John Wick film Series.  Kolstad really writes to incorporate Hutch being rusty and having to get back into sync.  Like all of these types of film, other that the Lead, all supporting actors are not developed beyond the characterization of a character.

Nobody was Directed by Ilya Naishuller. Nobody is his 2nd feature film.

Nobody comes close, but does not quite match the John Wick films in the choreography of the violence sequences. In the Wick films these type scenes are ballet in its finest form. This may simply be because of the fact that the best stuntmen in the film industry – Chad Stahelski, David Leitch – Directed the Wick films and are not involved in Nobody.

I was familiar with Bob Odenkirk only from his work in film (The Post, Little Women, Long Shot).  I was not aware that Odenkirk is one of television’s most accomplished writers (Saturday Night Live – 129 episodes, Late Night – 226 episodes) and actors (Breaking Bad – 43 episodes, Better Call Saul – 53 episodes).  I have completely missed Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul which I am told are excellent.

I simply love the role of Public Transportation in these films.

And the misplaced reasoning for setting off the return of The Auditor?  So clever!

The city could be any in America.  Nobody was filmed in Winnipeg Manitoba.






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  1. Breaking Bad replaced, in my mind, The Sopranos as the best series in TV history. Better call Saul is very good as well. Looking forward to the final season

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