Judy- Fascinating & Sad Watch

Judy Garland the Actress is the epitome of the very best and very worst of the Hollywood Studio System in the 20th Century.

Dorothy Gale & The Wizard of QZ and a women who effectively dies alone at 47.

Judy, the film starring Renée Zellweger presents Garland in the last year of her life.  While the film Judy is not necessarily depressing or a downer – it is sobering.

Zellweger is superb as Garland on every single front.  Zellweger as Garland can sing with swagger and also be a completely unreliable pain in the ass with a mean streak.

The surrounding story foundation and characters are adequate (at best) to provide the back-story and foundation for the premise of the film.  Jesse Buckley as Garland’s handler while in London is very good, but this movie is all about Zellweger as Garland.

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