Oh Look… ***1/2

In the audience of my screening of the Three Stooges Movie were young couples, middle aged couples, older couples, young kids with their dad’s, young kids without supervision and a wife with her husband of 30 years hoping her spouse would not pretend he was Curly during the film.

After 93 minutes of watching the Farrelly Brother’s faithful rendition of (and heart-warming tribute to) the Three Stooges all viewers had something in common; they had laughed repeatedly at a extreme slapstick, physical, sight-gag, low-brow and sound effect latent comedy.  To hear the repeated and open belly laughs of kids and adults alike was a joy to my ears.

I will openly admit I have seen all 190 shorts of the Three Stooges since being introduced to them in the 1960’s. Some so many times it is impossible to count,  A few I would bet good money I could write the script from memory.

I would be the first to lambaste this film if it were not faithful to the Stooges.  But all-in-all the effort is pitch perfect.  Yes, the Farrelly Brothers have applied the humor to some current and contemporary structures (e.g., Jersey Shore) but that is what Columbia Studios always did.

Thank you Farrelly Brother’s and oh how I miss The Three Stooges.

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