Great Content in Once in a Great City

once in a great city

David Maraniss (When Pride Still Mattered) demonstrates again why he is one of America’s best at researching and providing the narrative for a story.

His book Once in A Great City is a story about America and its greatest industrial city and their associations and direct connections from the vantage point of 1963.  Once in A Great City is a highly compelling read providing unvarnished insight into the power brokers and people of influence in the era.  In 1963 America and Detroit appear to be on the top of their game; WWII is in the past, and Vietnam and Race Race Riots are yet to be front and center.

The why associated with the what has been, and is to become for America and Detroit are made clear and obvious in this book.


Jeff’s worthless trivia and notes

Having grown up in Detroit the book was highly entertaining and brought back to the surface many memories.

My Dad and I were extremely close.  I was five moving to six years of age during the period described in the book.

Because of my Dad’s position and his desire to share his time and interests with me; I would eventually meet, and as I got older come to know many many people discussed in the book . The names start with a reference to Mark Beltaire (Town Crier Columnist for the Detroit Free Press).  The Beltaire family was a critical component of my early life.  Why?  In my early childhood, the Lubeck’s and Beltaire’s gathered, exchanged, and opened gifts on Christmas Eve and therefore my first present to open each year was from them!

RE Lubeck
The Editorial Braintrust (aka names on the Masthead) of the Detroit News in 1963. The News was the largest Evening and 3rd Largest Sunday newspaper in America. My Dad has just been promoted to the #2 editorial position (Associate Editor) by Martin Hayden (Editor). R.E. would serve in that position for 17 years.


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