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Sawtooths Moving Into October

The Sawtooths in the month of September are marvelous.

However, dramatically different weather can occur from one day to another.

For example, on this day, the 29th of September the weather is clear and dry.  Also, the temperature at 4PM, is 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Differing from the warm afternoons, the mornings are getting cool. The morning low is 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

Late in the Day

Importantly, the Border Collies (Sage and Willow) alert me to the fact, it is getting to be late in the day.  Also, I am reminded today’s hike or run remains to be completed.  It should be noted, the girls completed runs on Fox Creek Loop on Wednesday and the Lubeck Goat Creek Out & Back on Thursday.  In contrast (to) the previous two days, I suggest that an off-trail hike would balance things.  Sage and Willow appear to agree.

Willow (left) and Sage (right) at the end of our run of the Fox Creek Loop in the Smoky Mountains north of Ketchum\Sun Valley, Idaho two days earlier.

The Trip

I decide the three of us would be well served to go somewhere close by, in an area that is known, but to spot we have never visited.  The area is across the valley floor from our home, and it is called Nip & Tuck – which is part of an exceptional mountain bike ride. On this adventure, we head up an abandoned trail to a high point off-trail overlooking the Sawooth Valley.

The views from the saddle of Nip & Tip and the ridgelines nearby are superb. I expect the view at the high point to be superb.

The Northern Sawtooths at Dawn on Anderson Ranch near Nip & Tuck

In addition to this story, the image of The Northern Sawtooths is part of an interesting story about having to abandon your vehicle as part of a photo-shoot [located here].

Nip & Tuck Route from House (16.3 miles) and Today’s off trail route.
Last but not least, the view.

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