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The Dog Obedience Class: For Whom Is It Really Intended?

Linda and I are in week four (of eight) of Dog Obedience Training for our two Border Collies – Sage and Willow.

This class is called Scotch Pine Dog Training.  It is demanding and worth every penny.  There is one two hour session (with 40 other dogs) each Friday night.  There is 15 minutes of homework expected to be conducted each day.  You and your dog are tested in front of everyone else during the Friday class.

During the class this past Friday night.  We and our dogs were expected:

  1. Walk side-by-side (with six-foot leash draped over our shoulder).
  2. Upon stopping – dogs sit at attention.
  3. Upon instruction – dogs stay without leaving their spot without leash control.
  4. Dogs keep in their spot while a package of hamburger and noisy toys are dragged by them.
  5. Upon instruction – dogs “come” to their owner.

Sage, Willow, and Linda passed the tests.  I lunged for the Hamburger.

Sage performs her version of Spin Control while out in the backcountry with Kyle, Merry [Christmas] dog, Valley dog, and Willow dog.

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