Running Into A Girl Carrying A Surfboard and Packing A Pistol

It is a sunny spring morning. To kick off the day on the positive; I decide to get a Cup of Joe and petrol for my rig.  As I pull up to the curb to complete both transactions I see her out of the side of my eye.

At first, I conclude my peripheral vision is on the Fritz.  Also, I am trying to mind my own business because this is a small town and word gets around real quick.

But no… this girl is real and she appears to be looking me over.  She has curves in all the right places and is carrying a surfboard. At this point my curiosity is similar to that of male cat, and this female strutting in my territory is impossible to resist.  I walk up to the girl cool and calm like, so as not to give away my true interest.

I soon learn her name is Special Deluxe.  Special has a companion and body guard named Walter.  Walter is known in town as a honest dude who earns a day’s pay through working with his hands.  Walter is married and has lived in these parts for 25 years. I am a bit surprised to see someone like Walter hanging in the company of Special Deluxe.

After a closer look at the merchandise, I learn Special has a few bullet holes on her left hip and a Skull tattooed on her chest. Special Deluxe also packs a pistol and we’re not talking a Derringer in her in stockings.

I tell Walter and Special that I am a professional photographer on the lookout for interesting subjects.  Walter looks normal, Special Deluxe has intriguing written all over her.

Walter and Special agree a photo-shoot would be to their liking.  They invite me to their ranch south of town.  I say I’ll follow if they can wait for me to fill up with gas and 16 ounces of Sumatran Reserve – with a bit of Half and Half.

As we head south with me tagging behind, I cannot help but notice that Special Deluxe is turning heads.

During the photo-shoot I learn that Special Deluxe is 78 years-old and has lived a full and colorful life.

—— Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trvia

Chevrolet introduced the mid-size Special Deluxe in 1940. There were many flavor’s and configurations (coupe, station wagon, two-door, four-door). It’s street price was around $900 (or $16,342 in 2019).

From 1942 – 1946 All automobile production for personal or commercial was halted to support military uses for WWII.

3 Replies to “Running Into A Girl Carrying A Surfboard and Packing A Pistol

  1. How fun. Does your small town have party lines for dispersal of info like in the Milagro Beanfield War?
    Have you had a chance to read the Dogs of Bedlam Farms yet?

  2. Great story! Did Special Deluxe tell Walter “Don’t Let the Old Man In” (from the Mule) when she saw you.

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