Backcountry Skiing Photography

Skiing in the Backcountry and Your Backyard

One of the great benefits of a batch of early season snowstorms is that skiing peaks and ridgelines with significant vertical could be had merely by walking out of the house.  In some cases this means literally (i.e., Lubeck Ridge 1,200 vertical) or figuratively as in drive the car for a mile or so, park and start up. (e.g., Timber Gulch Ridge 1,000 vertical or Greenhorn Gulch 1,800 vertical).

Kyle and I are venturing off trail with skins on the AT skis.  Because Kyle has such good instincts about rout and pace, these trips are most enjoyable.

Lubeck Ridge is fun because of being at the top at sunset and then skiing down back to the house – or at least the our friends – the Weatherall’s house and then walk home. An added bonus is that a fog layer moves is we start down down.  Luckily we have headlamps on for the decent.  Kyle and I made it home just in time to watch the MSU Spartans basketball game.

A more significant effort is the 6.5 hour journey through Timber Gulch to the top of Greenhorn – with our descent encompassing the entire Greenhorn Gulch ridgeline and then tree skiing down into Golden Eagle.

It is also been established that a Mountain Lion and her cubs are in the immediate area.  Kyle tells me that if there is a direct encounter, he does not have to out ski momma lion – just me!

Timber Gulch Greenhorn Summit Traverse Loop
Sunrise on Greenhorn from the backyard on the Lubeck home the following morning. Look closely and you can see our tracks across the entire ridgeline before dropping into the trees.


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