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Capturing Kauai: Morning Snack for the White Eye Merijo

The white eye merijo, looks and sings like a native honeycreeper of Kauai. However, it is native to Japan. The white eye merijo thrives on Kauai. It was introduced to Kauai in the 1920’s. The white eye merijo is a highly adaptable species.  It lives on Kauai in climates and terrain ranging from the desert beaches to the high elevation rain forest.

Below, the bird works the ‘Ōhi’a lehua tree during the morning hours.  It hunts and pecks with high precision with great success.

The white eye merijo travels in small groups.

Another Post about the white eye merijo the ‘Ōhi’a lehua tree from a sunrise photo-shoot is located [Here].

*** Jeff Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ***

For this photo-shoot I used the Nikon Z Camera system and the Nikon Z 400MM, 560MM, and 800MM prime lenses.  At the time of capture, the temperatures were pushing 80 degrees with the sun fairly high in the sky.  I shot from a covered locations and these long lenses can struggle in these kinds of conditions.

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