Nike As the Underdog and It Wins. Really?

Air is a film that tells the story of Nike Corporation operating as a weak tertiary player in a business sector reaching, some would suggest grasping, for survival, let alone greatness by making a bold move that if successful, changes the retail apparel industry.

We know the story. Nike succeeds to a level beyond any expectation. Over the course of 40 years the business sector moves from anecdotal to predominant player.

What is not readily known is Nike accomplishes this status though a number of unprecedented setting choices.  Nike’s approach, position, and thinking are fostered by key staff. The position of a mother of an athlete who processes remarkable skills requires Nike to make unprecedented decisions.

Air is the story of Air Jordan. Arguably the biggest success story of product licensing in the retail apparel industry.

Air has a superb cast.  The Lead and supporting players in it are A List and perform accordingly.  Air has Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunited as film producers and actors.  This is a good thing.

While her screen-time is relatively short, Viola Davis is brilliant as Delores Jordan. Jason Bateman is superb as Nike Marketing Chief Rob Strasser. Davis and Bateman are chameleons of the best order in filmmaking today.  Both actors know how to be good, bad, likeable, unlikeable, leads, and support – you name it.

Air is an upbeat movie, where Nike is the underdog and wins the day.  While in 2023 it is hard to imagine Nike as an underdog, but the story is true.

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