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Capturing Kauai: A Potpourri at the House

There has been a fair amount of activity recently on the beach at the house. Horses, an Irish Lass, a Monk Seal, a Green Turtle, and a Baby Bird

A monk Seal dropped by to say hello.

The Border Collies happen upon a Monk Sea during our daily run on the beach.
The Hawaiian Monk Seal is an endangered species. Only 1,500 are believed to remain in existence.

A green sea turtle came in with the surf for a stop-over.


The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a threatened species.

Our Lemonade Hibiscus continues to shine.

Lemonade Hibiscus.

Our friends Marie and Dundee stopped over for a cup of coffee.

A one day old baby mynah bird falls out of our Coco Tree.  We tried to save it, through feedings via and eyedropper, but it passed away on day two.

Noticed a Coco tree branch that looks like a horse.

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